Schaub+Srote Architects: Energy Star Partners

Schaub+Srote Architects: Energy Star Partners

Whether your focus is comfort, operating cost, home health, the environment or all the above, ENERGY STAR has a well-established and field-tested process to give you the peace of mind in knowing that your project will provide the results you expect.

High Performance New Homes

An ENERGY STAR certified new home is designed and built to a higher standard through a rigorous process of documentation, inspections, performance testing and verification. Having a certified Home Energy Rater on staff places Schaub+Srote Architects in a unique position to help you from start to finish as you navigate the often overwhelming process of building a custom home. In addition to working with an eye toward maximizing your new home’s performance throughout the design process, we can generate plans that are “Designed to Earn the Energy Star.” By including the appropriate details, notes and specifications directly within your custom set of construction documents the building process is streamlined to minimize unexpected circumstances and the additional construction cost that comes along with those last minute surprises. And once it’s time to break ground we can also perform the necessary inspections, testing and coordination with sub contractors to complete the ENERGY STAR certification process which will ultimately give you that peace of mind you deserve as you settle into the new house your family will call home for years to come.

Existing Home Renovations & Additions

If your project is instead a home renovation or addition, the same principles can be applied to ensure that you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your existing home’s performance while under construction. Building off his experiences designing and overseeing cost-effective home performance upgrades on hundreds of homes across the St. Louis area, our Home Energy Rater can help you identify which improvements fit within your project’s work scope, goals and budget.

*Be sure to check out future posts outlining the principles that go into designing and constructing a high performance home as well as solutions to common problem areas found in existing homes!

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