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John D. Lark John Lark Sr Commercial Development Manager

John D. Lark, NCARB

sr. commercial development manager

John has developed a broad range of project experience, including over two hundred building projects ranging from restoration and renovation to new construction of commercial and office buildings. In addition, numerous park, open space, and planning projects have been successfully completed with unique results. John has developed and delivered seminars and lectures to local and national organizations incluiding the American Institute of Architects, Citizens for Community Development, the St. Louis Art Museum, American Forest History Society, and the Illinois Park and Recreation Association. John has written a number of articles and served as editor of the Open Space Letter. He was educated at University of Maryland,1965; Washington University, 1966 and 1969; Idaho State University, 1967-68; Harvard University Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, 1968.

John's awards include First Place Design Award, Scabbord and Blade Memorial Competition; Recipient of Ford Foundation Grant, Harvard University; Certificate of Award for Outstanding Achievement, St. Louis Coalition for the Environment.




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