Schaub+Srote Team in Colorado for Technology Training

Vail, Colorado

"The mountains are calling and I must go."  -John Muir

Last week, the entire Srote & Co team left for Vail, Colorado for an intensive three day training session centered on 3D modeling software. The trip was extremely informative and beneficial for successful architectural visualization.

Exported Layers

While there, we began to learn the full potential of the programs demonstrated. Here is one of the visualization techniques that we were shown. We applied it to one of our current projects after we returned from Colorado earlier this week. By exporting various line styles, material colors and shadows, we were able to layer them in such a way that feels conceptual but polished.

Finished Rendering Lionshead Village - Vail, CO

Along with all of the knowledge taken in during the trip, we had to stop and admire the beautiful city of Vail and the magnificent landscape.

Mountain Panoramic Photo