Custom Home Design FAQ

frequently asked residential design questions

Srote & Co exhausts all efforts to assure our solution for your building project meets or exceeds your goals in a creative, efficient, healthy, and sustainable manner; all while adhering to your stated budget.
We approach every project the same, no matter the size. First and foremost, we LISTEN to your needs, dreams, and desires. Then after gathering as much information as possible about the project we utilize our creative and technological skills to design your project.
We begin each project working with you to develop a written program that puts into words the spacial requirements, functional requirements, schedule requirements, and financial constraints for the project.
Utilizing the written program for reference as the "official playbook" for the project and always striving to act in your best interest.
While we approach each project in a studio atmosphere promoting collaboration and insight from every member of our organization, the firm principal or managing architect is always the project team leader and makes all final decisions regarding building aesthetic and function and will remain your primary contact throughout the project.
We enjoy what we do, creating design solutions and residential architecture in general. We are very interested in your project and in assisting you meet your project goals.
We are considered a small firm and have enjoyed seeing our firm grow annually since its inception. We are busy but maintain a level of work that allows for creativity, thoughtful decisions, and keeping the quality of work up to our rigorous standards.
We are constantly bettering ourselves as architects. We do not design the same building or style of building again and again while forcing your program into a single box, and as a result are internationally recognized designers. Other architects are simply arranging rooms in a plan and putting a roof over it creating shelter from the environment. We believe the building should be considerate of the site. It should be functional for you. It should create not only a comfortable environment but a healthy one in which to raise your family. And finally, the building needs to not only be completed within the construction budget, but also be efficient enough to be affordable throughout the building's life-cycle.
Typically all design work is based on an "hourly" fee and construction drawings are based on a "cost-per-square foot" basis.
Every project is unique in scope. We would be happy to prepare a written proposal of fees to provide architectural services for your project.
Please ask us for a copy of our Process Guide or read our Design Process page.
Our process consists of five total phases. Three are standard, two are optional. The standard phases are: Pre-Design; Schematic Design; Design Development; and Construction Drawings. Optional phases include: Bidding Phase; Construction Administration
Civil Engineering / Surveying Consultant, Geotechnical Consultant, stated construction budget, stated time schedule for completion, any information regarding subdivision indentures, etc.
We provide creative and technically sound solutions to your project program requirements that meet or exceed your expectations.
We always endeavor to design a project that remains within your stated budget. We can prepare preliminary cost estimates during each phase of the design process, either in-house or with your builder, having them update estimates as the project progresses to allow us to define finishes and value engineer the project throughout.
We provide sketches during schematic design, then as the plan develops can provide computer generated massing models to study solar orientation and modeling of interior spaces to better communicate design intent. If 3D modeling is required, we can provide as needed. We utilize the best technology in the world to prepare our 3D models and construction drawings.
With a well written project program in place, plan revisions are rare, but in the event that revisions are required, we bill on an "hourly" basis for the revisions. These revisions are typically due to a change in project scope.
As part of our Basic Service agreement, we are "on-call" to answer questions, interpret plans, prepare required change directives, review shop drawing submittals, and clarify the exact design intent on aesthetic. Optional services can include scheduling periodic site visits, prepare reports to the client regarding status of construction, review contractor requests for payment and other administrative duties.
With proper planning and coordination in the design process, we can limit the amount of disruption to your busy life. We will be happy to discuss your project in greater detail.
Absolutely. You may review our client testimonials page. We will also gladly provide a List of References upon your request.