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Universal Design and residential home architecture

Srote & Co Architects is thrilled to see our Universal Design single-family residence finalized and featured during the Universal Design Summit 2021, an annual conference hosted in St. Louis. The Universal Design Summit is an educational program and conference that aims to promote the discipline and incorporation of Universal Design principles in public places, housing, and digital spaces.

Disability Rights Advocates for Technology (DRAFT) initiated and led the 9147 Clayton project to inspire architects to design, homebuilders to build, and homeowners to insist upon a Renaissance in living that will accommodate them throughout their lives. Specifically, spaces inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. Srote & Co was involved from the project's inception and was responsible for meeting the principles of Universal Design throughout. Castle Design was responsible for the interior design and RG Apel Development built the home with the generous support of many partners.

This 6,050 square foot state-of-the-art luxury residence features five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two half bathrooms, including a complete lower level. All three floors are serviced by an elevator and offers a main floor master suite and second-floor suite with fully accessible bathrooms.

Universal Design home by Srote and Co Architects

Universal Design is the philosophy behind accessibility. As it applies to architecture, universal design involves creating spaces that meet the needs of all people, regardless of age or ability. From the layout of shared spaces and private rooms that allow occupants to move freely to the materials and color selections, many details are addressed for the creation of accessible living environments. The primary challenge of creating comfortable living conditions that are usable by all people is ensuring the environment will adapt to current or changing physical capabilities of its occupants. Not only can a home design be sustainable to itself and surroundings, but also sustainable in adapting to the needs of those living in it.

Single family Universal Design home in St Louis MO Interior layout of single family Universal Design

The 9147 Clayton design utilizes the seven principles of Universal Design, established by The Center for Universal Design at the College of Design, North Carolina State University:

  1. Equitable Use

  2. Flexibility in Use

  3. Simple and Intuitive Use

  4. Perceptible Information (e.g., color contrast)

  5. Tolerance for Error

  6. Low Physical Effort

  7. Size and Space for Approach and Use

9147 Clayton home interior with Universal Design principles