Project Spotlight – Villa Vedere

After our clients residence was devastated by a fire on the main level and portions of the lower, Srote & Co was tasked with reimagining this St. Albans villa design. The goal was to create an “open concept” floorplan while applying universal design principles to make sure it would function for our clients as they aged in place. The universal approach is seen in the flush flooring transitions, curbless walk-in shower, low pile rugs and carpets, wide walkways, layers of lighting and in the seated height countertop and vanity allowing our clients to live comfortably today and in the future.

Srote & Co was proud to partner with Brinkmann Legacy Homes to provide the architectural and interior design services for Villa Vedere. Enjoy!

Custom villa kitchen design in St Albans MO
Custom kitchen design in St Albans Missouri
Kitchen area renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the kitchen area.
Kitchen area design after renovation
Villa kitchen area storage design
Villa dining room renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the dining room.
Bar area design for St Albans villa
Bar area renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the bar.
Villa great room design in St Albans MO
Great room renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the great room.
St Albans villa master bath design
Master bath design with flush curbless walk-in shower
Master bathroom renovation before drywall
Before. A view to the master bath from the bedroom.
Master bath renovation before image with original tub and shower location
Before. The original tub and shower location now house the main vanity.

Fall Prevention Tips for Interiors

Falls can happen at any age and for any number of reasons. Loss of balance can occur from trip hazards, unexpected changes in elevation and compromised depth perception. I happen to come from a long line of “fallers” that can (and will!) fall without warning or provocation. So in honor of Fall Prevention Month we are sharing designer tips to minimize the fall risks in your interiors.


Keep yourself organized. We live an extremely fast-paced life. Many times we are running in the house only to turn around a few minutes later and head right back out. This does not leave a lot of time to make sure everything you just brought in the house with you finds its way to the appropriate place. Take the time to get yourself organized and make the commitment to stay organized.

family entry lockers home organization

TIP: Keep entryways and walkways clear of clutter. Create built-in storage opportunities to keep items off the floor and ensure everything has its place.


A thoughtfully considered lighting plan is key to any well-designed interior.  With our constant connection to technology our eyes are working harder than ever! Layer the levels of lighting (ambient, task and accent) within your space to create the ideal ambiance throughout the day and night.  Check out our blog post A Well Lit Interior for more on layering your lighting and inspiring applications.

led lighting on stairs

TIP: Keep hallways and stairways well lit.  The use of indirect lighting provides an all over glow that helps reduce glare and shadows that can affect your depth perception.


Consistency in material and/or material thickness will be the most beneficial considerations for this selection. Every flooring type has its pros and cons. It really is about using the materials you prefer and working with your designer and installer to determine the best product and application for your situation.

wood to tile threshold types

A raised and a flush transition.

TIP: The use of a single flooring materials throughout an entire residence is not necessarily realistic making transitions necessary to bridge the gap between the different materials thicknesses. Flush transitions are definitely preferred to a raised transition and tend to be more easily achievable in new construction than in a remodel.

TIP: When selecting a carpet the pile should be under 1/2 inch and a firm pad should be specified. Area rugs should always be secured to the floor tightly around the entire perimeter.

TIP: No tile can be entirely slip-proof there are industry tests and standards that determine the slip resistance of tiles. Next time you are in the market for tile consider a slip-resistant tile.


  • Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide.
  • Each year an estimated 646,000 individuals die from falls globally.
  • Adults older than 65 years of age suffer the greatest number of fatal falls.
  • 37.3 million falls that are severe enough to require medical attention occur each year.