Project Spotlight – Villa Vedere

After our clients residence was devastated by a fire on the main level and portions of the lower, Srote & Co was tasked with reimagining this St. Albans villa design. The goal was to create an “open concept” floorplan while applying universal design principles to make sure it would function for our clients as they aged in place. The universal approach is seen in the flush flooring transitions, curbless walk-in shower, low pile rugs and carpets, wide walkways, layers of lighting and in the seated height countertop and vanity allowing our clients to live comfortably today and in the future.

Srote & Co was proud to partner with Brinkmann Legacy Homes to provide the architectural and interior design services for Villa Vedere. Enjoy!

Custom villa kitchen design in St Albans MO
Custom kitchen design in St Albans Missouri
Kitchen area renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the kitchen area.
Kitchen area design after renovation
Villa kitchen area storage design
Villa dining room renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the dining room.
Bar area design for St Albans villa
Bar area renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the bar.
Villa great room design in St Albans MO
Great room renovation before drywall
Before. A view of the great room.
St Albans villa master bath design
Master bath design with flush curbless walk-in shower
Master bathroom renovation before drywall
Before. A view to the master bath from the bedroom.
Master bath renovation before image with original tub and shower location
Before. The original tub and shower location now house the main vanity.

Project Spotlight – Ladue Grand Rue

Today we feature a Srote & Co project, completed in 2019, that represents the partnership between our architectural and interior design divisions. Srote & Co is proud to have been involved in this project from inception through completion. The result is Ladue Grand Rue, a truly custom residence that reflects our client and their lifestyle. Architecture and Interior Design by Srote & Co Architects and built by REA Homes.


Custom home architecture by Srote & Co Architects
Custom home design in St Louis MO
Pool deck of custom home


Custom kitchen interior by Srote & Co Architects
Custom home library and study interior design
Custom lower level interior design
Lower level billiards room design
Lower level lounge interior design
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Decorating with the 5 Elements of Feng Shui

Life is all about balance. From the foods we eat to our work and personal lives we are constantly searching for that perfect balance. We are spending more time than ever indoors – roughly 90%. Because of this our environments and the effects they have on us are more important than ever. As a designer, I intuitively work with the 5 elements of feng shui when pairing textiles, colors, shapes, textures and furnishings, on a daily basis. Here is a brief introduction to the elements and how you can incorporate them into your environments to create a sense of harmony and balance.


stacks of clay pots on an outdoor tableIncorporating the earth element into your space is said to bring about peace, stability and protection to you and your relationships. Decorating with square shapes and layering tones of beige, sandy and pale yellow tones are a simple way to introduce the earth element. Terracotta pots and stone sculptures also add a nice touch.


metal multi-light pendant fixtureAn energetic metal element helps facilitate focus, precision and a strong sense of clarity. Metal is the easiest element to introduce regardless of your particular design style. Picture frames, decorative metal accents, round shapes and the use of metallics, grays and whites are expressive of this element.


water element representing balanceThe water element creates a positive sense of calm, purity and relaxation to any space. Mirrors are the most common expression of water in decor. Accessories and textiles with shades of blue and black will also bring this element in to your space.


wood cutting board on wood backgroundWood is considered to be a healing element that brings about vibrancy in health & growth and decisiveness in action. Consider floating wood shelves, branches mixed in with your florals or adding a houseplant. Rectangular shapes and decorating with greens and browns will also give this element presence.


candles and string lights in a windowThe fire element, when balanced correctly, will bring activity and energy to your life and your career. Fire is best used in moderation. Misuse of this element will cause over stimulation and a sense of anxiety. Fireplaces and candles are the obvious way to introduce the fire element. Triangle shaped decor and well placed accents in bold reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and purples are also indicative of fire.