Winter Survival Guide – Make A Meal

So far, in our Winter Survival Guide, we have covered the benefits of plants and their effect on our health and wellbeing, we explored ways to destress through art therapy and today we focus on feeding our spirit, literally. Whether you need an idea for date night, team building or just looking for a new recipe to add to your rotation these resources are just what you have been looking for!


Kitchen Conservatory (8021 Clayton Rd, 63117), is the ultimate destination for all things cooking in St. Louis. Boasting over 6000 essential and useful products in-store and online you can find what you are looking for AND a few things you never knew you needed! They also offer more than 900 in-person cooking classes every year and offer a wide variety of custom cooking classes for your next party or team-bonding exercise. Here are a few of our favorites –

Image courtesy of Kitchen Conservatory

IF YOU KNEW SUSHI – Join Thai native and sushi chef Jay Dedkhad, of Ocha Thai and Japanese, for a hands-on masterclass in the art of making sushi. Using the freshest fish and ingredients you will learn the art of rolling and forming a variety of sushi. This is one of their most popular classes so make sure and save your spot soon!

Image courtesy of Kitchen Conservatory

CHINESE DUMPLINGS – Yes, please! In this class you will learn how to fill, form and cook these delicious dumplings. Enjoy steamed shrimp shu mai AND chicken pot stickers AND pork-filled wontons AND char siu pork steamed buns AND vegetarian spring rolls AND crab rangoon. And because no dumpling should ever go undipped, they have you covered on the sauces!

Image courtesy of Kitchen Conservatory

WHEN I’M NOT A CRAB, I’M A SOLE MAN – This class is a must for all of us crab lovers out there! Join chef Jon Lowe, on Sunday April 11th, as he shares his passion for all things crab and a little sole. They had us at “learn how to make crab bisque from homemade crab stock…white cheddar croutons…fried crab fritters”. Insert head exploding emoji here!!!!

Image courtesy of Kitchen Conservatory

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: TAKE A STAND ON TACOS – In this hands-on class with Tim Kutterer you will learn to make corn and flour tortillas from scratch and fill them with your favorite ingredients. Try not to fill up on the fresh fried tortilla chips, cheese queso and quacamole, I dare you! BONUS – Paloma Cocktails are included.


The Chef & The Dish offers cooking classes with chefs from around the world. These private, one-on-one cooking experiences are offered LIVE, via Skype, allowing you to ask questions along the way and get step-by-step coaching as the chef cooks the meal alongside you. With over 70 classes featuring cuisine from all over the world there is most certainly something for you! If you are looking for a world class cooking experience with world class chefs, look no farther. A typical class lasts about 2 hours and includes 3 or more dishes for you to enjoy.

Image courtesy of The Chef & The Dish

Brazilian Favourites – Chef Renato

Basque Country
Image courtesy of The Chef & The Dish

Vegetables Of Basque Country – Chef Ben @chefbensebastian

lomo saltado
Image courtesy of The Chef & The Dish

Lomo Saltado (Peruvian) – Chef Lucia @foodperuanaelmundo

FEATURE WE LOVE – Once your booking is received you will be contacted by a Kitchen Assistant for your personal Kitchen Prep Session to review the shopping list and ask any questions you may have about the meal or even the technology required for the class!


Cozymeal offers fully interactive, virtual cooking and mixology classes! They offer SO MANY class options and registering is a breeze! Simply select your experience, pick your date, and make your reservation. Classes are public so sizes are limited to provide an opportunity for all to participate and ask questions. If you prefer a more one-on-one experience they do offer private party and group rates. Ingredient and kitchen equipment lists are included in the class description so you can make sure you are ready to go at class time.

Images courtesy of Cozymeal

Fun Fact – Although currently unavailable, Cozymeal also offers hands-on cooking classes in St. Louis. These classes are offered in your kitchen or the chef’s!

Just need a recipe?

We love this FREE resource on the Food Network! If you can’t find a new recipe here you aren’t trying. This digital library features 30 seasons of Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals videos and recipes. We love it because it’s free + you can watch the episode whenever you want (or not at all!) + printed ingredient lists and directions for the recipes are provided + it only takes 30 minutes. You’re welcome!